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Emergency First Aid ( 1 Day)
This replaces the one day " First Aid Appointed Person " course
Who should attend
The 1 day course is designed for employees who are required to take charge of an emergency situation should the need arise.
To give the candidate a basic introduction to first aid, covering a range of first aid principles to follow when a more qualified first aider is not available.
Learning Objectives
Following training the delegates will be able to: 
     Describe the key principals of the  
      safety (first aid) regulations
     Describe the role of the "Emergency
      First Aider"
     Check the contents of First Aid Kits
      (and avoiding cross infection)
     Assess the situation and
      circumstances in order to act safely,
      promptly and effectively in an
     Manage an incident
   •  Describe the priorities of first aid
     Administer First Aid to  
      an unconscious casualty
     Demonstrate resuscitation
      techniques using CPR
     Administer First Aid to a casualty  
      suffering from Shock
     Administer First Aid to a choking
     Provide appropriate first aid for  
      minor injuries (including small cuts,
      grazes and bruises, minor burns and
      scalds, small splinters).
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