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Site Inspections / Safety visits / Audits
Site safety audits, visits or routine inspections undertaken by Adb Safety are designed to ensure general site and system compliance
We take a global but comprehensive view of the construction or general work activities taking place. The inspections can take place on either static, satellite or transient sites.
The range of inspections we can provide
  • Compliance and site based inspections 
  • Process based inspections and audits
  • Completion of  pre tender questionnaires 
  • Prepare the customer for compliance audits and accreditation visits (Achilles, Matsui, ISO streams etc..)
We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes, focusing on the customer and their individual requirements and to that of the awarding bodies using the following key principles 
  • Process 
  • People 
  • Performance 
  • Proof 
  • Perspective
Documentation and any other site files are checked to confirm whether weekly checks and other company procedures in place are being adhered to.
Any improvement opportunities found are outlined to the site team on the day and  a report identifying any improvement opportunities, remedial action / recommendations or indeed positive findings are summarised to the management team concerned
We can also provide short term temporary safety cover if your organisation requires site safety support during leave / temporary absence of your existing safety team
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